Hey, Babe, Let's Rock N Roll -- Barn Swallows

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Hey, Babe, Let’s Rock N Roll. Barn Swallows

The female had been preening on the post when the male Barn Swallow came zooming in and was trying very hard to convince her of something. Wish I understood “swallow” because I sure would love to know what they were saying! Well, it is mating season and I have a feeling they were discussing a liaison. In the end he flew off and she flew off a moment later, perhaps to join him. 🙂

A familiar little bird in rural areas and semi-open country, the Barn Swallow gracefully skims low over meadows, water and farmyards looking for insects to eat, or perches on wires. During the breeding season, Barn Swallows fly down to pick up mud and grass for nesting materials. Their mud nests are often tucked under the eaves of barns, stables, or bridges, or other structures. You can find Barn Swallows across most of North America, as well as Europe and Asia, wintering to southern Africa and South America.

Photo taken on May 25th, 2019, in Denver, Colorado.

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