Diving Pine Grosbeak

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Diving Pine Grosbeak

I had taken a trip to Minnesota to take bird photos, and was delighted to see lots of beautiful Pine Grosbeaks (pinicola enucleator). They were quite active, so luckily I was able to get flight shots, including this one of a beautiful male.

Pine Grosbeaks are boreal finches, and dwarf every other finch in the trees and nearly every bird that lands on the feeder. The bird in this image is a male, while females have a yellow coloring on gray instead of the pink.. Pine Grosbeaks are found in spruce and fir forests of the North and the high mountains, and often feed on buds in the bare branches of maples or other trees, but they favor small fruits, such as rowans

Photo taken on February 22, 2019, in Minnesota north of Duluth.

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