Young Burrowing Owl at Sunrise

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Young Burrowing Owl at Sunrise

This young Burrowing Owl is flying in the golden light of the early morning. S/he is one of five owlets, thanks to attentive parents and enough food that the parents can catch for them. This one has become quite good at flying and catching bugs, but his or her parents will still be helping to feed and care of her or him for some time to come.

Burrowing owls are born underground in burrows, often these are burrows built by prairie dogs. They hunt crickets, grasshoppers, and other bugs, as well as small mammals such as mice, and small reptiles. They are excellent parents, bringing food to their babies until the young ones are hunting bugs for themselves, and even afterwards for a while.

The adults have barring across their chests; the babies start getting these stripes as they get a little older.

Photo taken on July 24, 2020, near Greeley, Colorado.

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