Sandhill Cranes on the River

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Sandhill Cranes on the River

During Sandhill Crane migration, 500,000 cranes coming from Mexico and the southern US stop in Kearney, Nebraksa every spring, to fatten up for the second leg of their trip to Alaska.  When the sun rises in the early morning, the cranes fly off from the river in groups, back to the corn fields to eat their fill.  In the evening they return to the Platte River, where they are safe from predators.  One can see 5,000 to 10,000 cranes at once, but the most magical part is the sound, as they call their prehistoric call, on and on, calling and calling to each other as they fly out.   It is pure magic.

Photo taken in the early morning, in Kearney NE, Spring, 2016

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