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Reddish Egret Chasing Fish

It was an overcast, dark morning, but that didn’t stop this Reddish Egret from wanting his breakfast. This needlefish was giving the egret a good chase, as it jumped over the water, causing the egret to also jump and almost fly, trying to catch it. The fish got away, but it was a good show!

Note the wings, which include both white and grey feathers. I believe this bird is a hybrid mix from a white morph reddish egret parent as well as a dark morph reddish egret parent.

From Cornell Labs’ website: “A medium to large heron of shallow salt water, the Reddish Egret comes in a dark and a white form. It is a very active forager, often seen running, jumping, and spinning in its pursuit of fish.”

Photo taken on October 10, 2017, in wetlands off the coast of South Padre Island, Texas

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