Barn Owl

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Put on the Brakes!

This small barn owl, named Cupid, is usually used for educational outreach, but in this case he was part of a flying birds workshop that I took in 2016.  Isn’t he beautiful?  I love how you can see him looking at the branch, as he is *just* about to grab onto it after flying over to it.

“Ghostly pale and strictly nocturnal, Barn Owls are silent predators of the night world.  This owl roosts in hidden, quiet places during the day; by night, they hunt on buoyant wingbeats in open fields and meadows. You can find them by listening for their eerie, raspy calls, quite unlike the hoots of other owls. Despite a worldwide distribution, Barn Owls are declining in parts of their range due to habitat loss.” — Cornell Labs

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