Portrait of a House Wren

I took a bunch of pics of this little House Wren, which was flitting all over a trees close to where I was standing. She sang beautifully, but in this shot, she seems to be contemplating. I like this image best because of the way the background disappears, due to a very narrow depth of field (produced by a close shot and a big lens).

From Cornell Labs’ website: “A plain brown bird with an effervescent voice, the House Wren is a common backyard bird over nearly the entire Western Hemisphere. Listen for its rush-and-jumble song in summer and you’ll find this species zipping through shrubs and low tree branches, snatching at insects. House Wrens will gladly use nestboxes, or you may find their twig-filled nests in old cans, boots, or boxes lying around in your garage.”

Photo taken on 5/27/2017 at Barr Lake State Park, near Denver, Colorado

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