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Cialis generico en farmacias de barcelona y española Federico García School for Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacy University Medical Center Barcelona Barcelona, Spain Abstract We examined the efficacy of finasteride 1% (10 mg daily) in male volunteers to reduce androgenic hair growth and follicle number in post-menopausal-aged men. These effects were assessed against placebo and by means of a statistical analysis two independent groups drawn from within each group. Participants were recruited after passing a medical examination (primary or placebo). Forty-six men were randomized. Of them, 39 completed treatment. At baseline, the mean hair growth rate of all participants was 5.1/mo± 0.3. The mean serum dihydrotestosterone levels at baseline and after 12 weeks of Can i get xenical over the counter treatment was 12.1 (SD 9.8) ng/dL. Hair growth was significantly reduced in the finasteride group at both endpoint and the 12-week follow-up: mean hair growth was 8.2±0.2 in the finasteride group vs 7.6±0.2. mean serum testosterone levels after 12 weeks of treatment were 17.3±2.4 ng/dL. KEY CONCEPT #4: There is a strong evidence that finasteride increases androgenic hair growth and scalp count in postmenopausal-aged men. SUMMARY With regard to the effects of this drug in group patients, it is evident that finasteride does indeed influence hair growth and scalp counts. Finasteride clearly increases androgenic activity of the scalp. CONCLUSIONS This study provides evidence that finasteride effectively improves androgenic activity of the scalp in post-menopausal-aged men. "In postmenopausal men, finasteride significantly reduces the androgenic activity of scalp and hair follicles." -Dr. Guillermo Rambo V, PhD MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty volunteers were recruited in the form of a convenience, double-blind, placebo-controlled, double-blinded trial. After passing a medical examination, men (aged 40-60 years) participating in an ongoing research project was enrolled. All volunteers had a history of testosterone deprivation, were on replacement therapy or the placebo, and had no history of hair loss. Each volunteer was treated for a 12-week period. To investigate the effects, men received either 20 mg finasteride every 2 weeks or the same amount of equivalent reference drug, finasteride 20 mg daily, for 12 weeks. After the 4 months of treatment, at the last screening of samples taken at baseline, they were split into the two treatment groups. In each arm of the study, volunteers were blinded to the treatment with which they would be receiving next. The placebo was taken with a sugar-based capsule or tablet. The subjects in finasteride group also received the active drug in combination with the placebo pill. Men were provided an adequate amount of the drug within 1-2 weeks before they began. The placebo and treatment with finasteride 20 mg were identical according to the subjects' condition. Treatment with the placebo and finasteride was started with a single 1-week dose. After 2 weeks on each of the two doses, subjects in finasteride group received a 6-week maintenance dose with an average of a single dose 60 mg. After 4 weeks on each, they were allowed to continue taking the drug as long they wished without interruption for the.

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