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Avocet Magic

Some trick of nature caused a little water to remain in this American Avocet’s beak while it was fishing for tiny bits of food in the water. I had sat down near the edge of the small lake and waited, and was rewarded by two avocets making their way over quite close to me. I don’t know what that little red “ring” is — it was not there in other photos of this bird; could be a tiny worm.

From Audubon’s website: “Around lake shores and tidal flats, especially in the wide-open spaces of the west, flocks of elegant American Avocets wade in the shallows. They often feed while leaning forward, with the tips of their bills in the water and slightly open, filtering tiny food items from just below the surface. Sometimes a flock will feed this way in unison, walking forward, swinging their heads rhythmically from side to side.”

Photo taken May 15, 2018, in Lakewood, Colorado.

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