Prairie Falcon in Flight

This female Prairie Falcon had a nest in a nearby cliff on the prairie, and she was letting us know in no uncertain terms that we were not welcome. Prairie Falcons are known to be quite vocal in this way. So we did leave, but took a few photos first; it was hard to tear ourselves away from these beautiful birds!

From Cornell’s website: “A raptor of the West’s wide-open spaces, Prairie Falcons glide above shrubby deserts and grasslands searching for ground squirrels and other small mammals and birds. In flight, look for the dark triangle of “armpit” feathers that distinguish it from other light-colored falcons. On the breeding territory you may hear a Prairie Falcon pair’s loud courtship calls, but roosting birds can be tough to spot: their muted cream, brown, and gray plumage blends perfectly with the steep bluffs and cliffs where they nest.”

Photo taken on June 5th, 2018, in SW Wyoming.

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